Inspection & Production Sampling

Xometry inspects machined and sheet metal parts using an acceptance sampling approach per ASQC Z1.4 2008 Level II with zero rejects unless otherwise specified. If there are less than 13 pieces then they will all be inspected (100%). If over 13 pieces our inspection team may use a lookup table to determine the appropriate sample size to inspect. Inspecting more than the standard sample size for this approach is up to the inspector's discretion.

If no drawing is provided with a part, the inspection team measures to Xometry's Manufacturing Standards on dimensions they deem critical, such as overall size, holes, and depths. 

Rejected or non-conformance parts are logged and communicated on a case-by-case basis. Xometry's team will communicate any known non-conformance with the customer to determine the course of action if there is potential disruption to project needs or an estimated ship date.

3D printed parts do not receive full measurement inspection due to natural deviations that occur within the process. Please consult Xometry's Design Guides for a better understanding of each process and expected outcomes. Some materials, such as SLS, may have accessible holes drilled open to the CAD model before shipping.

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